Our Mission and Structure

The mission of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives is to strengthen democratic values, to develop political culture and the legal awareness of citizens and politicians, to disseminate best international practices in order to create effective public institutions, and to support the Eurointegration vector of Ukraine’s development.

 The organization seeks:

  • to bring about democratic transformations and the enforcement of the rule of law in line with European traditions;
  • to improve the activity of various branches of the government, in particular the efficiency of the Ukrainian parliament;
  • to establish constructive interaction between the government and civil society;
  • to develop a totally new democratic consciousness of politicians, civil servants, representatives of local self-government bodies, journalists, public leaders, lawyers, and businessmen.

Experts of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives have experience of work in:

  • Public Council at the VRU Committee on Legal Policy and Justice,
  • Public Council at the VRU Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government,
  • Public Council at the VRU Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy.

The Agency took an active part in:

  • Working Group for Improvement of Electoral Legislation in 2011,
  • Civic Constitutional Committee (2007)
  • Civil campaign “Conscious Choice‑2006”;
  • Organizational, expert and analytical support for the work of the public coalition New Choice-2004,
  • Nationwide Public Monitoring Committee (2002).

Currently, the Agency for Legislative Initiatives is a member of the Public Consortium of Election Initiatives; its representatives contribute to the initiatives of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Coordinating Council for Developing Civil Society, etc.