ALI joined the RISE Ukraine Coalition for the Reconstruction of Ukraine

The Agency for Legislative Initiatives and the Ukrainian School of Political Studies joined the RISE Ukraine coalition for the recovery and modernization of Ukraine after the war.

Today, RISE Ukraine unites more than 20 Ukrainian and international organizations that work, among other things, on the development of open governance and the implementation of anti-corruption reform.

The purpose of the coalition is to promote the principles of integrity, sustainability, and efficiency in the restoration of Ukraine.

In particular, the principles of reconstruction and modernization of RISE Ukraine state that reforms should continue. The ultimate goal of post-war development should be not just technological and economic recovery, but the creation of a renewed, powerful developed independent democratic European state, member of the European Union. Ukraine needs to make progress in implementing reforms, including implementation of best governance practices, healthcare and education as well as anti-corruption and judicial reforms, to establish the rule of law.

The Agency for Legislative Initiatives is convinced that stable and strong state institutions are the key to the successful implementation of reforms.

“No matter how professional and reasonable are the people who sometimes get into power and promote the necessary reforms, sooner or later they leave. Institutions remain. And only by ensuring systematicity and continuity in the functioning of these institutions, we will be able to assume that the reforms will be implemented and Ukraine will develop in the right direction”, — notes Svitlana Matviienko, executive director of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives.

The 10 principles of reconstruction and modernization have already been supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, and other leading state institutions.

Among the tasks of the Coalition is also to lay the foundation for the use of digital solutions during development; build accountable, transparent, and inclusive processes, involving all reconstruction participants in them. And also to create fair and equal conditions for business and ensure accountability and speed of decision-making.

You can learn more about RISE Ukraine and join the coalition here: