USPS Alumni Programme

USPS has launched the first training module of our new educational format of two-day thematic courses for alumni.

The Ukrainian school of political studies is, first of all, Community, networking, and unity of differences. We are constantly emphasizing this, but we felt that we could do much more for the Community.

That’s how the USPS Alumni Program came about, a format that brings together alumni of different years and answers their demands for quality education through programs designed specifically for the Community.

To introduce the alumni to the format and test it, we simultaneously launched a set of four courses: literature, philosophy, economics, and political theory.

The first to start was a course on literature from Yevhen Stasinevych, a literary critic, curator, lecturer at many educational sites, and author of the book “The Price of the Question”. During the training module, the group talked about modern literature and the origins of bestsellers.

What do Conan Doyle’s stories have to do with urban development? How do post-war anxieties shape the cult of The Lord of the Rings and Ayn Rand? Why do too serious societies see what was not meant to be in the “Catcher in the Rye”? And how did the challenges of the 21st century, new and complex, fund Joan Rowling’s triumph?

After such a successful start of the new program, we will undoubtedly continue to develop the training format for alumni.

And these two days were very cozy, sincere, and meaningful.