ALI analysts in the working group on the draft law “On local referendum”

Director of the Analytical Department of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives Oleksandr Zaslavskyy joined the working group on the draft law “On Local Referendum”.

“The Constitution of Ukraine requires the adoption of a law on local referendum. For 9 years now, the citizens of Ukraine have not been able to exercise their constitutional right to express their opinion through local referendums, as since 2012, local referendums have not been regulated by law. Society and local governments have a demand for this instrument of public participation because the solution to some issues requires local referendums”, – Oleksander Zaslavskyy says about the importance of passing the draft law.

According to the director of the Analytical Department of ALI, it is essential to ensure a balance that would, on the one hand, guarantee citizens the realization of their legal rights, and on the other – minimize the risks faced by Ukraine in the struggle for territorial integrity.

Public discussions of the bill are currently underway. Oleksander Zaslavskyy emphasizes that this approach is correct. This important draft law for Ukrainian society should be developed in close cooperation between government officials and the public.