Election results: Our Alumni in the local councils

118 Alumni of our programs got into local councils as a result of the elections!

That is, every 8th Alumnus of our programs got to local governments. At the same time, 6 Alumni (5% of all) headed the cities, and 1 Alumnus became the head of the village amalgamated territorial community. Most Alumni of our programs got to city councils – 62 people (53% of all) became local councilors. 18 Alumni (15% of all) became members of regional councils. 18 Alumni (15% of all) became members of district councils. 13 Alumni were elected to village/settlement councils (11% of the total).

Some of our Alumni have studied in two training programs. So among the Alumni who won the election:

  • 33 people completed the program of the Ukrainian School of Political Studies.
  • 41 people graduated from the Party Innovation Hub.
  • 56 people studied at the School of Community Leaders.

Congratulations to each and everyone for the victory! And we wish you a productive cadence! The future of communities is in your hands. This responsibility should motivate you to act honestly, decisively, but also prudently. We are proud of your success!

We also want to express our support to those who did not win the local elections this time. You have tried yourself, gained the necessary experience – and this is the most important thing. We believe that your time is still ahead!

Special thanks to the International Renaissance Foundation for its support in establishing new leaders in Ukraine. We are building the civil society of Ukraine together!