Ukrainian-Russian relations: A test of political maturity

When the ruling team’s actions are difficult to fit into the framework of common sense and logical reasoning. When official government communications in their entirety do not explain to society, the government’s actions but become the subject of anecdotes and memes.

When it is very difficult to understand where we are in the ongoing war, what are the current leaders’ plans and what we should all do next.

Then it’s time to turn to the old proven tools of analytical work – stop listening to them, start “watching their hands”. This study is about how the current government sees and builds relations with a country hostile to us.

The study is not comprehensive but focuses on the most important – marker to determine Russia’s influence – areas.

  • Humanitarian policy
  • Economic relations
  • Energy policy
  • The war in the east
  • Sanction policy
  • Occupied Crimea
  • Maritime economy
  • Occupied sea
  • Legal policy

There is no betrayal. Victories too. It won’t be easy. Know more than the official communication channels of the government broadcast. There will be no memes and simplifications. Only the truth important to realize.