School of Community Leaders – 2020: Participants

The program of the School of Community Leaders – 2020 is over, and now our Alumni and participants are actively preparing for local elections.

In the meantime, let’s introduce you a little closer to those who participated in the School of Community Leaders. This year we received more than 400 applications. Despite the quarantine restrictions, we managed to conduct the program online and involve the maximum number of people who needed it. Over 200 leaders from all regions of Ukraine have gotten the opportunity to study. More than 50% of them successfully completed the School’s program before the election.

61% of the School of Community Leaders – 2020 Alumni are running in local elections. 79% of them are candidates for local councils, and 21% want to be head of territorial communities. We wish success in the elections to all participants and Alumni of the School of Community Leaders!

We promise that this will not end our cooperation with Alumni.