Agency for Legislative Initiatives supports the people of Belarus

Ukrainian School of Political Studies and Agency for Legislative Initiatives support the people of Belarus, who have rebelled against the authoritarian regime, political repression, unfair elections, and government violence.

In recent days, the whole world has witnessed unacceptable human rights violations in Belarus against citizens who have shown their civil position and disagreement with injustice. The people of Belarus have the right to free democratic elections and peaceful protest – and we support their desire to defend these rights.

Belarus is the only territorially European country that is not a member of the Council of Europe. The authoritarian regime of the country significantly inhibits civil society development and the formation of a new generation of democratic leaders.

In 2007, the Ukrainian School of Political Studies helped create the Belarusian program – East-European School of Political Studies. It still exists, recruiting new participants to the program annually, creating conditions for the emergence and development of civil society in Belarus. However, most of the East- European School of Political Studies seminars are held outside Belarus. After all, the fundamental democratic principles – life as the highest value, freedom, the rule of law – have been ignored by the authorities. Everyone who has the courage to disobey the dictatorial regime is now in danger.

We believe that the people of Belarus can change this. We believe that values, principles, unity, and justice will prevail.

“Ukraine is a state whose people have forced themselves to respect themselves, proved that the government must either respect the rights of citizens or leave. Supporting people who have been able to prove that self-esteem and civic responsibility are bound to win is especially important. And their example is crucial”, – said Alexander Dabravolski, director of the East-European School of Political Studies (Belarus).