Coronavirus and politicians

Does the political elite suffer from the coronavirus? Yes, no one is safe from infection.

The Romanian prime minister isolated himself through contacts with a senator with coronavirus.

Eighteen members of the French National Assembly have the coronavirus. The French Minister of Culture also contracted the virus.

Five members of parliament from the Republican Party of the United States isolated themselves through contact with the sick.

The President of Mongolia, along with other members of the government who have returned from China, is in self-isolation.

The leader of the Democratic Party of Italy has a coronavirus.

Two members of the British Labor Party picked up the coronavirus. Even the UK Health Minister has coronavirus.

This list goes on.

Why do we see such a large amount of politicians suffering from coronavirus?

This situation can be explained by certain features of the work of politicians:

  1. Politicians are much more likely to meet other people, and to build trust, they try to hug and shake hands with as many people as possible.
  2. Well-known politicians reported in the media are, on average, older than other citizens, and older people are more vulnerable to the virus.
  3. Politicians are much more likely to be tested for the coronavirus: they are tested immediately, while ordinary citizens have to call hotlines and travel to hospitals.

The case of Spain is demonstrative, both in terms of political irresponsibility and in terms of the vulnerability of politicians. 37 days after the first diagnosis of the disease, when more than 600 people were infected, and 17 died, as of March 8, mass events were not banned. The left-wing Spanish government has supported equality marches. 120,000 people took part in the Madrid Equality March. Among them were members of the government. As a result, a few days later, Spanish equality ministers were diagnosed with coronavirus.

Therefore, if they follow the usual rhythm of work, politicians have a high chance of getting coronavirus. We all need to be careful – politicians too.