Workshop “Upcoming Elections – Avoiding Risks in Cyber”

During the elections, political parties must learn how to resist cyber threats. Therefore, the Agency of Legislative Initiatives in partnership with Cybexer Technologies (Estonia) on July 9 held a training on “Upcoming Elections – Avoiding Risks in Cyber” in Kyiv for representatives of communications departments of parties, digital marketing departments of parties, information technologies and security departments of parties, as well as party members who are running for parliament during this election.

“Securing free and fair elections has become a fundamental pillar of a functioning democracy. The EU will continue to support Ukraine by reinforcing its legislative framework, strategy and coordination mechanisms that are in line with EU legislation and best practices, particularly with the EU Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive)”, – summarized the Head of the Support Group for Ukraine at the European Commission Peter Wagner.

During the training, participants learned the best way to protect company information systems from manipulation, how to raise awareness of party members about targeted cyber breaches, such as phishing attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT), fake news, leaking, and ransomware.

In addition, each party representative has undergone individual online training about digital literacy and has completed a digital test that can identify areas of cyber risk in different categories, such as personal attitude, knowledge about technology, exposure to social media and organizational culture. As a result of testing, participants received recommendations on how to protect themselves and their party from specific cyber threats.

“Independently of our jobs, age or level of responsibility, we all need some technological literacy at the individual level, if we want to function safely in today’s digitally dependent society and to make sure that we don’t create risks to it by your behavior,” – said the Executive Vice President of the Estonian company for providing countermeasures against cyber-threats Cybexer Technologies Merle Maigre.

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As a follow-up to the EU-Ukraine Summit statement of 2018, the European Union has launched an action in Ukraine to strengthen the capacity of the key participants of the electoral process. The training was conducted following the EU launch of a project “Support to Cybersecurity of Parliamentary Elections” in Ukraine.

For further information, contact Irina Cherpak, Operations Manager at the Agency of Legislative Initiatives, or by calling +38 (044) 531 3768.