Сivil Assessment of Public Administration Reform (Shadow Report)

The Shadow report proposes the assessment of results of the reform in pilot ministries (in particular in relation to introduction, recruitment of employees and integration of directorates). It aimed at 1) identification of key causes of the problems faced by the responsible individuals and institutions in the process of the reform implementation, and 2) development of recommendations for further implementation of the reform. Within this report a comparative analysis of the updated Strategy of Public Administration Reform in Ukraine in the wording of the CMU Decree No. 1102-p, dated December 18, 2018, and the old version of the Strategy was made in the context of consideration of the recommendations and comments developed by the SIGMA and the Agency for Legislative Initiatives (ALI) experts. Also, ALI experts analyzed relevant regulations and conducted in-depth interviews (with the Directors General, heads of expert groups and government experts from 6 pilot ministries and SCMU) and expert interviews (with the heads of structural subdivisions of NACS).

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The preparation of the research is part of the project implemented by the Agency for Legislative Initiatives within the Civic Synergy Project under the auspices of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum with the financial support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation.