Advocacy and its Aspects in Working with Parliament

During 2015 – 2016 the Agency for Legislative Initiatives supported the advocacy campaigns of the Reanimation Package of Reforms groups, in particular: “Pension Reform”, “Tax Reform”, “Health Care Reform”, and “Policy of National Memory”.
To support the campaigns a number of trainings and consultations on policy analysis were conducted and assistance in establishing communication with the parliament was provided through such tools as preparation and presentation of shadow reports and policy proposals, as well as discussing advocacy groups initiatives in the regions.
The guidelines aim to systematize and present existing experience in planning and holding advocacy campaigns. The proposed publication contains step-by-step instructions and strategies for civil society institutes on how to build effective communication with public authorities.
The guidelines aim to strengthen the civil society organizations’ skills in planning and implementing advocacy campaigns. To achieve this goal the guidelines explain what advocacy is and how it differs from lobbying; consider advocacy support for public policy implementation; teach the techniques of building coalitions and interaction with partners in advocacy campaigns; explore the main strategies of advocacy campaigns informational support, work with media and social networks, community and organization of protests of direct action; study the aspects of parliamentary advocacy and examples of successful parliamentary advocacy campaigns.

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The preparation and presentation of analytical materials is part of a project implemented by the Agency for Legislative Initiatives within the framework of the USAID RADA Program: Responsible, Accountable, Democratic Assembly implemented by the East Europe Foundation.