Draft Concept of the “End-to-End” Legislative Process

On May 22, 2017 the Draft Concept of the “End-to-End” Legislative Process presentation took place.

The draft concept paper on the “end-to-end” legislative process contains analysis of current practices, a review of international experience, as well as proposals concerning the concept of “end-to-end” legislative process reform with an emphasis on strengthening coordination between the subjects of legislative initiative. This document offers alternatives of changing the “end-to-end” legislative process, which can be described as “government-centred” (based on the experience of France), “parliament-centred” (based on US experience) and “the concept of minimally necessary changes” (on the basis of analysis of existing practices in Ukraine).

Problems in the legislative process in Ukraine are largely due not so much to imperfect regulatory framework as to wrong practices of their implementation. In this case, the key issues include:
• Lack of strategic planning in the policy-making process;
• Dominance of political expediency over the rule of law;
• Dominance of the “juridical” paradigm in the policy making process;
• Actual lack of a system of monitoring, evaluation and review of adopted decisions.

(c) Oleksandr Zaslavskyy, Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives

Draft Concept of the “End-to-End” Legislative Process

Preparation of the analytical materials is a part of a project implemented by the NGO Agency of Legislative Initiatives with the support of USAID RADA Program: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly, implemented by East Europe Foundation.

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