Policy Paper “What Should Be the State Policy on Road Safety in Ukraine?”

On April 13, 2017 the presentation of the Policy Paper “What Should Be the State Policy on Road Safety in Ukraine?” took place.

Preparation of the Policy Papers is a part of a project implemented by the NGO Agency of Legislative Initiatives with the support of USAID RADA Program: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly, implemented by East Europe Foundation.

The main objective of the research is to study the problem of fatalities and injuries on the roads of Ukraine as considered through the prism of state policy. The document estimates the extent of the problem and identifies key systemic shortcomings of the state policy in this area. The focus of the study was the analysis of the state implementation of its commitment to the public as regards road safety in the following key areas: safe roads, safer road users, safe vehicles and provision of emergency care.

Our goal is very clear: we cooperate with the Verkhovna Rada to strengthen the capacity of high-quality work of the parliament and we would like the parliament to have a high-quality independent research service that could prepare such documents on the request of MPs. Such documents require highly professional work and costs. The parliamentary reform provides for a Research Service here [in parliament]. This is a very important document for discussion. This document will shape the vision, and with a vision legislative changes can be prepared more efficiently and significantly more proficiently.

(c) Igor Kogut, Director of the USAID RADA Program: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly


“Agency for Legislative Initiatives set the trend for the preparation of White Papers in 2010, preparing a White Paper of Ukrainian Parliamentarianism. Many of our recommendations were integrated in the vision of the EP Mission led by Pat Cox. His second recommendation, in fact, refers to the improvement of the overall quality of draft laws by preparing white papers. We offer a series of Policy Papers, as a possible format of presentation of legislative initiatives before their adoption. These are discussion papers that in developed democracies precede legislative acts. Analysis of the problem and stakeholders, effective policies, existing gaps in the legislation, and, most importantly, solutions to the problem constitutes the optimal form for such documents. Today’s topic concerning road safety is not just important, it is sensitive and painful for Ukrainians. We hope we will be able to shift the discussion to a higher level, for which we thank the Subcommittee on the Safety of Road Traffic of the Committee on Transport, USAID RADA Program, the author Viktor Zahreba and all civil society activists engaged in the area”.

(c) Svitlana Matviienko, Chairwoman of the Board of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives

“The problem of road safety is quite peculiar. It is truly comprehensive in terms of risks and understanding. Each road use in any role – a pedestrian, driver, passenger, or cyclist – bears a high risk of injury or loss of life. Ukrainians fear roads. Among European countries, Ukraine has one of the lowest road safety levels. This level is measured by the scale of effects, primarily by the number of lives lost”

(c) Viktor Zahreba, study author, Project Manager at the NGO Center for Social and Business Initiatives (Yaremche), member of the Working Group on the Law Enforcement Reform of the “Reanimation Package of Reforms”.

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