What should be public policy on road safety in Ukraine? (Policy Paper)

This policy paper is devoted to the issue of traffic crashes and injuries on the roads of Ukraine. It provides a brief assessment of the scale and scope of the problem and indicates three key policy issues that explain Ukraine’s poor performance. It describes in details the obligations that the governance system of Ukraine owes to the society in the field of road safety, divided into four domains— safe roads, safe road users, safe vehicles and emergency responses, and assesses the government’s performance in each of them. This analysis cover specific government’s functions such as training and licensing of drivers, traffic law enforcement, certification and licensing of vehicles and transportation services, road construction and management standards etc. The paper also provides a detailed analysis of stakeholders in the policy field of traffic safety, identifying them in groups and describing their main interests in a policy dialogue. At the end, the policy paper describes for policy alternatives that Ukraine’s politicians may consider in order to tackle the issue of dangerous roads in a systemic and successful way, and specifically suggests one of them as the  recommended way to go.


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