USAID Program “RADA: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly”


Since autumn 2014 the Agency for Legislative Initiatives as part of the Ukrainian NGO consortium has joined the USAID Program “RADA: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly”.


The goal of RADA Program is to promote a responsible, accountable and democratic representative body – the Parliament of Ukraine – by:

  • Supporting MPs in their efforts to set up effective collaboration with voters and to improve the quality of exercising their representative powers;
  • Promoting the initiatives of civic education and monitoring the Verkhovna Rada and the MPs in order to increase their accountability to the electorate; and
  • Strengthening the independent legislative branch within the system of state authorities in Ukraine by increasing the efficiency of current parliamentary procedures.

The Agency is in charge of the following parts of the program:

  • Town Hall Meeting is a format of public consultations, which is unique to Ukraine. With the help of innovative technologies, the effectiveness of co-operation between local authorities, MPs, the public sector and other interested stakeholders is maximized in order to solve local and national problems.
  • European Information and Research Center at the VRU provide information and analytical support for the legislative activity of MPs; preparing Policy Papers and Info Briefs by the standards of the best European parliaments.
  • Parliament Journal, theory and practice of Ukrainian parliamentarism under one cover.
  • Shadow Reports are reports of public experts on the implementation and evaluation of public policy in a given area during committee hearings or during joint roundtables. Strengthening of the supervision functions of VRU committees.
  • Parliamentary Readings is an annual international conference that creates an environment where young scholars can unlock their analytical potential and forecast the trends of parliamentarism in Ukraine.

Duration of the program – by 2018.



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