New Quality of the Ukrainian Parliament

An educational and communicational platform for interactions between newly elected Ukrainian deputies and numerous experts.


Project objectives

  • Conducting a series of educational and communication seminars on specific topics to develop interfactional interaction and cooperation with the expert community as well as to present different points of view and expert conclusions on the feasibility of implementation of certain reforms,
  • Involvement of Ukrainian think tanks and strategic advisory boards in an express pro & contra analysis of the legislative initiatives of newly elected MPs of Ukraine, and
  • Drafting bills for the interfactional union Eurooptimists.

Achieved results
Preparation for the exercising of the Deputy’s mandate and worldview development of newly elected MPs of Ukraine who represent the public circles and journalism; designing, in cooperation with experts, the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; promoting communication of newly elected MPs of Ukraine with industry experts and voters.
The activity is conducted in the framework of the following projects:

  • “New Quality of Ukrainian Parliament: the Maidan Impetus” (supported by the International Renaissance Foundation),
  • “New Quality of Ukrainian Law-Making: Pro & Contra” (supported by the International Renaissance Foundation),
  • Support Mechanism for the IFU Eurooptimists (supported by the European Endowment for Democracy).


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