Presentation of the Shadow Report in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education and Science

An extended meeting of the Committee on Science and Education dedicated to topical education issues took place at 18/2, M. Hrushevsky Str. on December 21, 2016.

The meeting was attended by MPs Oleksandr Spivakovsky, Ivan Kyrylenko, Oleksiy Skrypnyk, Taras Kremin, academics, experts, representatives of NGOs, and members of committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

_dsc0068 _dsc0057To implement the supervision functions of the Committee on Science and Education, the following issues were addressed:
• the status of implementation of the Law of Ukraine On Higher Education,
• the status of implementation of the Law of Ukraine On Academic and Scientific Research Activities
• the implementation of the Decision of the Committee on Science and Education of April 12, 2016 On the Activities of the State

Enterprise Inforesurs.
ALI experts and authors of the studies, Yevhen Nikolayev, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Economy at KNEU named after V. Hetman, and Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, PhD., Professor of Economics at the Ternopil National Economic University, presented the Shadow Report “Reform of Higher Education in Ukraine: Implementation of the Specialized Law in 2014–2016”



The study examines the issues of developing a new quality assurance system for higher education, developing academic and financial autonomy of higher educational institutions, ensuring fair conditions for admission to higher educational institutions, and integrating Ukraine’s higher education into the European educational and scientific environment. The report also contains some suggestions concerning further necessary steps in this area.

Shadow reports are a method whereby NGOs present alternative information to the periodic government reports concerning the implementation of government programs.

Based on the results of the presentation, the committee members initiated a roundtable discussion of the results of the submitted report pre-scheduled for January 2017.

Presentation of the shadow reports to the Committees of Parliament is part of the project implemented by the Agency for Legislative Initiatives with the support of USAID RADA Program: Responsible, Accountable, Democratic Assembly implemented by the East Europe Foundation.

 For more information, please contact: Tetyana Chernukha, tel: +380 44 531 37 68

Media gallery of the event

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