Implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2020 (Shadow Report)

The energy issue has already received the status of a «bottleneck» for the economic and social development of the country. This is reflected, inter alia, in rising energy prices. The continued irrational use of energy becomes even more evident against a background of increasing environmental damage. Therefore, people and businesses, as well as society at large, should have an interest in energy efficiency and the efficient use of natural resources.

Each Government of independent Ukraine has identified as one of the main priorities in its activities the need to solve the problems of increasing energy efficiency in the housing and communal sector. In their programs of action, they have identified ways of addressing these problems, devised relevant State programs, and defined a range of measures that have facilitated their implementation.

It is a tradition in our country that all problems of the State are solved primarily at the expense of the population, and the reforms that are carried out quite often become an unbearable burden for Ukrainians. This trend is particularly evident in the reform of the housing and communal sector.

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