We work so that people could communicate, – S. Matviienko

Svitlana Matviienko, Chairwoman of the Board of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives and Curator of the School of Political Studies, discussing the enrollment of students at the USPS in 2016 on Hromadske Radio.

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Iryna Solomko: When will the second round end and the training begin? I will reveal the secret that Olena and I are both alumni of the School of Political Studies and we advise everyone to join it.

Svitlana Matviienko: On March 15, we finish the 2nd round, and the first session will be held in late April.

Iryna Solomko: Every year you enroll about 30 people? This means that you’ve dealt with at least 400 people. Is there a risk that the quality will deteriorate with each new enrollment?

Svitlana Matviienko: We have a lot of applicants to choose from: there are now about 350 alumni, but the number of applicants is getting bigger each year. And the quality of people gets higher and higher.

Iryna Solomko: Who is the most active?

Svitlana Matviienko: We have 6 categories: businessmen, civil servants, politicians, representatives of the public and academic community, journalists and representatives of the legal community. I think that the most active category is that of politicians and lawyers.

Olena Trybushna: How do you select these people?

Svitlana Matviienko: We enroll people under the age of 35 who have achievements in their field and a proper set of values. We intend to construct more of a horizontal network helping people from different sectors to communicate.

Iryna Solomko: What about the curriculum, is it always the same?

Svitlana Matviienko: We introduce certain changes. In Ukraine, we have three sessions: in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv. I would not say that a set of lecturers is permanent. But we try to choose the best specialists in each sphere, and sometimes invite the same lecturers.

Iryna Solomko: Do you work on any projects other than the Ukrainian School of Political Studies?

Svitlana Matviyenko: There are many projects. Last year we started implementing the Community Leadership School Project. The aim was to help local activists to try their hand at elections. About 70 out of 105 people took part in elections and we have good results.

Iryna Solomko: What about the School of Local Self-Government, do you follow the work of these deputies?

Svitlana Matviienko: Yes, we do, but so far very little time has elapsed to pass any judgments.

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